Welcome to the Teaching & Learning website of KDU Penang University College!

At KDU Penang University College, we put much effort in creating an environment that is conductive to student learning. We strongly believe that everyone can learn and that the environment plays a very critical role in helping shape the learning.

To accomplish this, we pay great attention to the quality of  our academic programmes, the quality of our academic staff and the quality of student learning. These three areas are continually monitored and evaluated, thereby enabling a system that continually improves  the high quality of the teaching and learning environment at KDU.

There is great emphasis to ensure the careful planning and the proper implementation of the four prongs of the educational map – curriculum design, instructional design and delivery, assessments, and evaluation and continuous-quality-improvement. All these four prongs of teaching and learning are emphasized to ensure that the lecturers are well-trained, so that they deliver classes which are engaging and student-centred, that enable and enhance students’ learning through the provision of active-learning activities, and thus, help students achieve the intended learning outcomes across a variety of domains.

The Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) plays an important role in achieving this goal by promoting teaching and learning excellence. Hence, you will find that the various resources we provide here are geared towards this emphasis.

Under each of the areas of the website, there is introductory text, which outlines the content and domain of that area. You may wish to browse through that first to determine the areas of interest to you. To access the introductory text, just click on each of the main areas.

If you have any feedback, do contact us so that we can better serve you all. To contact us, email: tlc@kdupg.edu.my.

Thank you and have a great day!