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  1. By Saravanan Kumar

    Currently, the teaching survey did not provide any platform for lectures to discuss feedback given by the students.

    Proposal: Creating a forum between students after the survey

    This will help to poster good relationship and reduce any personal
    attack on lecturer.

    This will help students to responsible for what they have
    mentioned in the survey.

  2. By Loh Lean Lee

    Thanks for raising this issue.

    The lecturer is supposed to discuss students’ feedback with the supervisor. Subsequently, it is also helpful to discuss the feedback with the students in the classroom, in order to better understand the students’ concern. Students may not be so forth-coming in a class discussion as they wish to remain anonymous, so perhaps, the lecturer can allow students to elaborate on their feedback through anonymous submission of written text.

    Yes, the use of ICT in teaching is part of our initiatives, so using forums or chat groups to further discuss this with students is useful.

    In the event that the teaching score is low, the ADH will hold a focus-group meeting with the students in the class. The purpose of the session is to find out more and better understand the students’ feedback and concern, so that improvements can be made. It also allows the ADH to respond to the concerns expressed by the students and to allow a 2-way discussion.

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