At KDU Penang, lecturers are encouraged to use effective technologies to enhance their teaching so as to enable students’ learning. Technology should not be used for technology’s sake but to simplify and enhance the processes and outcomes.

The use of technology in teaching & learning is thus for simplifying and enhancing the learning process, besides making learning accessible from a wider range of locales. Blended delivery (using both classroom session and online session) are promoted, and various online tools are available to help lecturers use technology in teaching. Training in using the online tools are provided by the IMC department. Lecturers who are interested in undergoing this training should inform their respective supervisors.

Lecturers are strongly encouraged to look into the various MOOC resources to further enhance their delivery of the course. Students should be encouraged to participate in relevant MOOC courses as a way of supplementing and enhancing the course experience. This will help enrich and enhance the students’ knowledge and skills related to the course content, to better prepare their for the careers.