Outcome-Based-Education (OBE) is an educational model that focuses on what the students can actually do after they have been taught. It has been widely adopted by academic institutions throughout the world, and all colleges / universities under the aegis of MOHE are expected to implement OBE.

OBE covers all aspects of the teaching & learning cycle from curriculum design (planning), instructional delivery, constructive assessment to evaluation and continuous-quality-improvement.

KDU Penang embraces OBE, and as such, learning outcomes are strongly emphasized at the college at all levels of teaching & learning. Planning of programmes, delivery and assessments of courses are all highly aligned to learning outcomes.

Measuring the achievement of learning outcomes are done through direct assessments and constructive alignment of assessments to the outcomes. In addition, indirect measurements are used through student, alumni, and employer surveys.

To ensure all academic staff are well-versed in OBE, a series of workshops are provided. These workshops, named OBTAL workshops, cover OBE extensively. There are a total of four workshops and all are outcome-based. The workshops take the participants from an introduction to OBE to the evaluation of assessment results and continuous-quality-assessment.

For additional information regarding these workshops, see SUPPORT FOR ACADEMIC STAFF